Masterclass with cinematographer Sophia Olsson

Online Masterclass on Zoom with highly acclaimed Swedish cinematographer Sophia Olsson – the director of photography known for Charter, Sameblod, Charmören (among others).

In collaboration with FSF, Film i Väst, Göteborg Film Festival, Gothenburg Studios Development with technical support from RedRental

”How do you find the core of the film? How do you express that into a visual language? What to focus on and where to start? How to collaborate with different directors? How to plan every scene into detail and yet be open and receptive for creative changes on set? How to listen to your guts?

I don´t have all the answers to these questions, but I’m looking forward having a conversation with you about them. I’ve been working with this throughout the years and know how different it can be from project to project and collaboration to collaboration. And I’m still learning.”

Photo: Nadja Hallström

”Sophia Olsson, FSF, graduated in cinematography from The National Film School of Denmark in 2009. She has shot nine features in different parts of the world, documentaries and commercials. The latest feature was ”Charter” with director Amanda Kernell (premiered in Sundance) for which Sophia is nominated for Best Cinematography for the Guldbagge Awards 2020 (the Swedish Film Awards).

As a teenager Sophia’s interest for how you create different expressions and emotions visually, started. At first it was the fascination through watching films in the cinemas and her curiosity of how the films had been done artistically to get their visions through. That got her into studying and exploring still photography – to begin with. Later this turned into the obsession of making films herself and finding out how to create a film so that it affects the viewer’s thoughts and feelings. Sometimes even both at once.

Graduated in 2002 from film directing at Filmhögskolan at Gothenburg University (what is now called HDK-Valand’s Film). That gave her a perspective over the whole process of making a film – but it was still the visual expression that had captured her the most which made her switch to cinematography soon after graduating in Gothenburg.

The films Sophia has shot have been premiering and winning awards at festivals all over the world, for example Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. She’s been winning awards for films like ”Sparrows” (director Runar Runarsson) ”Sami blood” (director Amanda Kernell), ”The Charmer” (director Milad Alami) and ”438 days” (director Jesper Ganslandt).”


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