Pictures above from the studio construction for Thomas Vinterberg’s The Commune in Studio Fares, Trollhättan.

Facilities & locations
West Sweden has been used in both feature films and TV series to por­tray different locations from around the world, as well as its own vibrant big cities, sleepy small towns and former fishing villages.

Production service
Film Väst’s website is a resource for all film and TV productions, and offers infor­mation on production crew and services in Västra Götaland for industry professionals. The site’s database lists qualified film work­ers living in the region, and includes contact information for more than 450 crew members and an additional database to search from over 3.800 extras. The site also offers a list of experi­enced suppliers and service providers, includ­ing reputable hotels and car rental companies that have successfully delivered services to film productions for many years.

Studio Fares
Studio Fares, located in Trollhät­tan, is the largest purpose built sound-stage in Scandinavia with an area of 1.100 sq m (ap­prox 11.800 sq ft). The facilities include a stage workshop, storage, and an additional gated parking area. Well-equipped production of­fices as well as make up and dressing rooms are also available on site. Melancholia, Filth and The Commune are examples of recent films that have used the Film Väst studio in Troll­hättan. Other facilities here include a catering kitchen, dining area, and additional areas for extras. In addition, Gothenburg offers three flex­ible film studios in the very heart of the city.