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411 17 Göteborg

Haymaker VFX

Haymaker VFX is the ultimate VFX studio in Gothenburg, Sweden and Los Angeles, California!

As the largest studio of its kind in the Västra Götaland region, we’ve created a reputation for excellence that is second to none. With a team of 23 skilled artists, producers and visionary leaders, we bring our clients’ dreams to life.

Our extensive list of prestigious feature films where we’ve contributed VFX continues to grow, including multiple Guldbagge awards in the Best VFX category in 2018 and 2022, and the honor of providing all VFX for Jim Jarmusch’s Cannes Film Festival opener “The Dead Don’t Die.”

Haymakers custom-built ”Digital Extras”-system has been used on multiple feature films and commercials. When the cost of several thousand extras becomes too great, we build digital extras to fill up streets, stadiums and even boats – cheering, running, protesting and queing. All with photorealistic quality!

Our commercial division is proud to work with a global roster of top brands and agencies, such as Polestar, Absolut Vodka, Oatly, Samsung, Burger King and Hyundai among others, delivering top-notch quality, creativity, and customer service every time.

Our custom-built offices are a showcase of security, certified by both TPN (Trusted Partner Network) and Disney Security, which is necessary working with international clients such as Netflix and Disney.

Our Swedish HQ also boasts a top-notch MoCap studio, enabling us to tailor specific movements for our digital characters.

We are here to support our clients from early pre-production stages and planning to on-set supervision, production and finalization. Trust us to take your project to the next level and into the world of award-winning visual effects.

5 productions

Boy From Heaven (Atmo)

Canne’s ”Palme d’Or” competer and Swedens Oscar-nomination for 2023.

Haymaker created a photorealistic crowd of students for the famous Al-Azhar University, spanning several scenes throughout the film.

VFX Supervision (Turkey and Sweden), CG Crowd using ”Digital Extras”, Set-extension.

No One Will Save You (Disney)

Haymaker helped writer/director Brian Duffield and DNEG’s Production VFX Supervisor Stephane Paris create VFX for the film ”No One Will Save You” produced for Disney.

VFX, FX (fluids), Animation, Compositing.

Hammarsköld (Unlimited Stories)

In Hammarskjöld Haymaker carefully recreated airplanes and attack-fighters from the era in CG to cover the fateful flight that ended with Dag Hammarskjölds tradgic death.

Utvandrarna / The Emigrants (SF)

In ”The Emigrants” Haymaker build a digital crowd using our ”Digital Extras” toolset. Clothes were brought in from the Wardrobe department, scanned and digitally recreated, and mocap-artists used Haymakers Motion Capture studio to create specific movements needed to sell the shot. The entire inlet of Manhattan Habour 1850 was built, boats and all.

VFX Supervision, VFX shot production, CG Crowd, Animation, Compositing.

The Dead Don’t Die (Focus Features)

In this zombie comedy slow-burner, Haymaker helped decapitating or otherwise maiming over 50 zombies all in all. Directed by Jim Jarmusch, it was a fun project to both VFX Supervise and lead.

VFX Supervision, VFX shot production, CG crowd, Dust simulations.


  • VFX (3d, Fx, Comp)
  • Motion Graphics
  • On Set Supervision
  • Grading
  • Conform
  • Online/Mastering
  • Delivery (DCP etc)
  • Post production supervisor
  • Post production producer
  • Post production coordinator
  • VFX On-set Supervisor
  • VFX Supervisor
  • VFX Producer
  • VFX Shot Production
  • Motion Capture