Parkgatan 9
411 24 Göteborg
+46 706 58 68 36


At Tint, we believe in fixing it in prep.

5 productions

Triangle of Sadness
(Feature film for Plattform Produktion) – Post Producer, Post Supervisor, Grading, Editing Equipment, DIT-Equipment

(Feature film for A24) – Conform, Grading, VFX, Post Coordinator

(Feature film for Netflix / SF) – Post Coordinator, Conform, Grading, VFX, Editing rooms and equipment, Mixing stage, deliverables

(Feature film for Garage film) – Conform, Grading, VFX, Post Coordinator

After Work
(Documentary film for Garage film) – Conform, Grading, Post Coordinator, Deliverables


  • Grading
  • VFX
  • Sound Design
  • ADR
  • Online
  • Conform
  • Mastering
  • Deliverables
  • Sound mixing stage – 3 x ProTools DAW, Dolby Atmos Theatrical (Meyer speakers), 7.1 or 5.1, 4K Christie projection on a 28m2 screen
  • Sound Studios – Atmos Home Entertainment or 5.1
  • Grading Stage – Davinci Resolve, 4K Christie on a 28m2 screen
  • Grading Suite – 4K HDR monitor, 4K projection a 7m2 screen
  • Post Supervisor
  • Post Producer
  • Post Production Coordinator
  • VFX Supervisor
  • Leasing of on-site personel: DIT, Sound Technician, etc
  • Leasing of equipment used on set: DIT equipment, sound equipment, etc.
  • Editing Rooms
  • Remote-setups for Editorial, Sound, Grading, VFX and online-review
  • Offices in both Gothenburg and Stockholm