What are we looking for? Film Väst seeks projects that can compete in the most prestigious film festivals and/or be seen by a large international audience.

Film Väst accepts applications for feature film co-productions throughout the year. All co-productions are required to bring elements of production or post-production to Västra Götaland, work with a Swedish production partner and hire crew and workers from the region.

With Film Väst’s growing success, the application process has become increasingly competitive. Projects need to secure the majority of financing in their own territory prior to their application, demonstrate the ability to obtain theatrical distribution in Sweden and show a potential for competitive entry at prestigious international film festivals.

Why choose Film i Väst? In addition to equity finance from Film Väst, west Sweden offers world class experienced film crews that have worked in countless award winning international productions as well as the largest purpose built studio and sound stage in Scandinavia. There are many options for exteriors with the region’s diversity of locations, from rugged forested terrain and sleepy sea-side towns to the urban centre of Gothenburg. The region maintains a high international standard in equipment rental as well as hotels and catering services, in addition to post production facilities that include a final mix studio and award winning VFX and sound companies.