Drowning in numbers – or how to stay afloat in the current global production deluge 

Hilton Hotel, Mohrenstrasse 30, Berlin

When: February 23, at 11.00-12.30, followed by a light lunch Where: Hilton Hotel, Mohrenstrasse 30, Berlin NB: By invitation only. For more information: ulrika.gronerus@filmivast.se There is currently an unprecedented expansion in the production of film and television content on a global scale. Driven by voracious consumer demand and significant investment from new and established players [...]

Göteborg Film Festival Prisma

Biograf Draken Olof Palmes Plats 1, Göteborg

https://youtu.be/R_jMn8lvGNc Den 22-26 oktober är det dags för Göteborg Film Festival Prisma på bio! Film i Västs samproduktion Nelly Rapp - monsteragent inviger hela festivalen. Den 19 oktober till 1 november finns festivalen online med Prismas digitala filmpass! I år är det mycket som inte är som vanligt, och därför kommer även årets filmfestival inte riktigt [...]

Masterclass with the award-winning cinematographer Ulf Brantås

Gothenburg Studios Polstjärnegatan 14, Göteborg

Masterclass with the award-winning Swedish cinematographer Ulf Brantås FSF – the director of photography known for Marcella, The Wife, Lilja 4-ever, Fucking Åmål (among others). Kulturakademin in collaboration with FSF, Gothenburg Studios Development, Film i Väst, Göteborg Film Festival with technical support from RedRental. Multi-award winning cinematographer Ulf Brantås, FSF, is one of the most [...]

210131: Masterclass with cinematographer Sophia Olsson


Online Masterclass on Zoom with Swedish cinematographer Sophia Olsson - the director of photography known for Charter, Sameblod, Charmören (among others).  In collaboration with FSF, Film i Väst, Göteborg Film Festival, Gothenburg Studios Development with technical support from RedRental "How do you find the core of the film? How do you express that into a [...]