Laddar Evenemang

When: February 23, at 11.00-12.30, followed by a light lunch
Where: Hilton Hotel, Mohrenstrasse 30, Berlin

NB: By invitation only. For more information:

There is currently an unprecedented expansion in the production of film and television content on a global scale. Driven by voracious consumer demand and significant investment from new and established players alike, the resulting global production deluge is creating pronounced opportunities and significant new challenges which pose important questions for all existing bodies in the industry (including governments, public funders, and agencies) – and demand reactions, actions, and answers.

Against a backdrop of the most current facts and figures of this new landscape, presented by Olsberg/SPI, a distinguished panel will address the following issues:

  • The power shift or who will be in charge of the content and control of the storytelling
  • What will happen to the European independent feature film aimed at the big screen?
  • The risk of over-production and the quantity over quality discussion
  • Does a winner take it all? What will happen to the local OTT providers and local niche platforms
  • Capacity in all aspects
  • What will be the role of the public funding systems in this new landscape?

Moderator: Wendy Mitchell

In the panel: Jess Conoplia, president, US, AFCI; Louise Vesth, producer, Denmark, Zentropa; Christian Wikander, Head of European Drama, UK, Twelve Town Production. One more panelist will be presented.
Presentation of facts and figures: Leon Forde, Olsberg SPI

The seminar is presented in cooporation with Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus project and in association with Cine-Regio and Olsberg SPI. 

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