Viktoriagatan 3
411 25 Göteborg

Ostindiegatan 23
414 52 Göteborg


Auditory was founded in 2008 and is run by Gustaf Berger, Lars Wignell and Jesper Miller.

Our studio is located in Majorna in the western center of Gothenburg.

We offer a complete and creative overall solution for audio post-production and sound recording on location. We work on everything from international feature films and TV series to documentaries and obscure art projects and we always look to elevate your production and your ideas into something unique.

Please contact us for further discussions.

5 productions:

The Innocents/De Uskyldige
(Eskil Vogt) Sounddesign, Supervising Sound Editor, Dialogue Editing, Sound Editing & Location Sound recording

Koko-di, Koko-da
(Beofilm. Director: Johannes Nyholm): Sounddesign, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Editing, Dialogue Editing (Sound Recordning and Audio Engineering)

(B-Reel films. Director: Anna Odell): Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Sound Editing, Foley, Music, Mix. (Sound Recording and Audio engineering)

(Mandragora) Director: Liviu Sandulescu): Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Sound Editing, Foley, Mix.

Saltön S4
(Anagram. Director: Lena Koppel): Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Sound Editing, Foley, VO, ADR, Mix.


  • Dialogue Editing
  • Sound Processing
  • Sound Editing
  • ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement)
  • VO recording
  • Foley
  • Stereo Audio Mixing, Cinema/TV
  • Sound Mixing, Cinema/TV
  • Leasing of on-set personnel: Sound Engineer
  • Leasing of equipment to be used on set: Audio equipment
  • Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor
  • Leasing of editing rooms
  • Sound consultation in pre-production (story & sound design)