Götabergsgatan 9
411 34 Göteborg


CAN Film is a full service post-production company. We offer the comfort of having in-house post-producers and supervisors. We tailor the post-processing to your needs and budget. We have three editing rooms in our premises in the middle of Gothenburg, that we lease with equipment and support included, and a large grading suite with calibrated screens to ensure the best results. We lease DIT equipment that is used to synchronize video and audio on set. We also use DejaEdit ( to easily transfer video files to the editor, who could be located anywhere in the world. Please contact us if you want to know more. We provide secure storage and backup of your media, both at the location and on servers in our premises. We handle the entire post-production process together with our audio partners etc.


# Offline Editing
# Grading
# Subtitling
# Conform
# Online/Mastering
# Delivery (DCP etc): DCP, TV, web, etc.
# Leasing of on-set personnel: DIT
# Leasing of equipment to be used on set: DIT equipment
# Leasing of editing rooms
# Post-Production Supervisor
# Post-Producer
# Post-Production Coordinator


Quick/The Perfect Patient
(Feature film for Brain Academy) – Post-Producer, Post Supervisor, VFX-producer, storage, DejaEdit, DIT equipment, Editing assistant.

Ingen utan skuld/Conspiracy of Silence
(Eight episodes for Brain Academy, Viaplay) – Post-Producer, VFX-Producer, storage, DejaEdit, DIT equipment, grading, online, deliverables.

(4 episodes for Anagram, SVT) – Post-Producer, storage, DejaEdit, DIT equipment, VFX, grading, online, deliverables.

Suicide Tourist
(Feature film for Snowglobe) – Post-producer, VFX-coordinator, storage, DejaEdit, Editing assistant, deliverables.

Patrik Sjöberg i terapi (documentary for TR3 Kommunikation, SVT) – editing rooms, graphics, grading, online, deliverables.