DUPP FILM (Dubbeltupp AB)
Lerbro 2
546 92 Mölltorp


We are an experienced team of artists and we love all bits about creating awesome visual effects. Our idea is to be fast en flexible.
Finding the right solutions for your film and to have a process that is transparent and smooth. We make that easy with three ingredients – A lot of communication, delicate planning and tons of lovely computer magic.
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# VFX Supervisor


Faunutland and the lost magic
(2020)VFX supervision of a large number of scenes shot against a green screen. We built several digital set extensions.

Sune vs Sune
(2018) Together with Filmlance, we built Sune and Håkan’s fantasy world which featured a giant robot and a spaceship as well as the surface of Mars. Using digital animation of course!

The Unthinkable/Den blomstertid nu kommer
(2018) Scanned and built a gigantic 3d-model of the area around Vasabron and Rosenbad in Stockholm. It was used as a set-extension in one of the sequences of the film. We also destroyed Västerbro bridge and a church, and simulated a lot of glass fragments. Completed for Crazy Pictures.

The Square
(2017) We rebuilt the castle in Stockholm into an art museum and were responsible for the demolition/animation of a statue. Completed for Goodbye Kansas.

The Boy
(2016) VFX Supervision. Set-extensions and compositing of just over 50 gunshots. Completed for FABLEfx.