Director: Colin Nutley
Producer: Colin Nutley
Production companies: Sweetwater, SF, SVT.
Release date: December 25, 1998.
Nominated: Academy Awards.


1956 – the years of innocence still run on. Olof lives alone on his family’s farm after the death of his mother ten years ago. Unable to read or write, always having to take people on trust. Olof is dependent on his younger friend Erik who’s helping him in the afternoons. Erik, once a sailor, brags of having known hundreds of women but now works part-time as the local gravedigger. Out of the blue Olof places an advertisement in the daily paper – Lonely farmer, 39 years old, own car, seeks young lady housekeeper, photograph appreciated.

The result of the advertisement is that Ellen, a 34-year old middle class city woman (with a past that we eventually discover) takes over the house and as the summer goes on, Olof’s heart as well. Erik, also taken by the beauty of Ellen, tries in vain to win her favour only to be rejected time and again.

The film follows their relationship and the consequent problems within the triangle of characters.

Based on H.E. Bates short story ”The Little Farm”

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