The Wall

The Next Generation of Virtual Production

Film i Väst in collaboration with regional suppliers have developed the largest front facing short throw projection Virtual Production studio in Europe.

When productions come to Studio Fares to use The Wall, they will be in great professional virtual production hands with Igetkott Väst and VP Nordic. Igelkott Väst has been a pioneer in projector based virtual production, starting from their days in Stockholm as the go to car scene studio for virtual production.

By using high quality cinema grade projectors, we give filmmakers the possibility to create in Virtual Production in a way that is just not possible with LED.

Now filmmakers have the ability to shoot in front of a fully focusable screen at close shooting distances giving you the possibility to have an even wider viewing angle. This allows for productions to build large sets that is just not possible in most virtual production studios around the world.

24 x 8

Meter Virtual Production Surface


Degrees of Viewing Angle


Bit Grayscale


Cinema Virtual Production

Virtual Production at Studio Fares

Greig Fraser, The Mandalorian Cinematographer

“Some stages built now are created on the premise of the way The Mandalorian stage was constructed. But that was built for a specific purpose – for that character and that world. The only reason the walls were curved was because of off- axis colour. Now the possibilities around colour have improved and you can create flat walls in a volume.”

Take Virtual Production to the Next Level

The Wall is a new way to experience and interact with Virtual Production. Using some of the most advanced technology in short throw cinema projectors, The Wall volume is able to achieve the same quality as LED volumes, but with more advantages.

The Wall is a speciality built physical wall (it is not a projector screen) designed for the purpose of high quality cinema virtual production. With this set up, productions are able to utilize close filming distances to The Wall, which is not possible with LED panels. This allows the production have an even greater Virtual Production space to use.

Multiple sets can be built and filmed simultaneously, saving time in the schedule and the ability to save money in the budget. A production can even build a multistory set with the ability to camera track from the ground floor to the top floor.

With the massive 24 meter width that is fully usable and filmable, productions can actually drive a car across the width of the wall and finally get those shots where the wheels are actually moving in front of a Virtual Production volume.

The Wall is built inside Studio Fares 1100 sq meter sound stage, giving productions the ability to use the full sound stage along with the large virtual production wall.

Finally, modular pieces for side and top panels can come in where needed to give productions a fully encompassed virtual production set up.

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