West Sweden – this region has it all!

West Sweden Film Service is a joint initiative from the film community in West Sweden, Västra Götaland region. Behind this initiative stand production companies, the regional film fund, rental houses and postproduction companies.

Västra Götaland region, three unique provinces on Sweden´s stunning west coast, where you find the countries leading film city Trollhättan, affectionally refered to by local Swedes as Trollywood. Gothenburg is the gateway to this inspirational region where you find the largest regional film fund in Sweden, Film Väst. Since Film Väst’s inception Västra Götaland is now home to many film companies that include VFX, lighting, sound and picture edition, lighting and equipment rentals helping to establish Västra Götaland as the most prominent film region in Sweden.

West Sweden has in features and television dramas portrayed locations around the world, as well as shown its own glorious beauty, vibrant big cities as well as sleepy small towns and old former fishing villages. You will find shimmering lakes and deep forests as well as pretty countryside settings, manor houses and historical sites.

In a region where up till today more than 500 features have been shoot, the generosity and experience amongst the local authorities, as well as the public, does all aspects of film making in the region became a positive experience.

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