Se dokumentären LORDI – MONSTERPOJKEN på SVT Play

Se dokumentären Lordi – Monsterpojken, en samproduktion från Film Väst. Historien om en pojke som skapade en fantasivärld som han fortsatt leva i som vuxen – i hårdrocksbandet Lordi. Nio år har gått sedan Lordis seger i Eurovision Song Contest, den första och hittills enda i Finlands historia. Vad händer när uppmärksamheten har lagt sig? [...]

Film Väst samproducerar SPRINGFLODEN

Nu startar inspelningen i Göteborg och Nordkoster av dramathrillern SPRINGFLODEN baserad på Rolf och Cilla Börjlinds roman med bland andra Kjell Bergqvist och Julia Ragnarsson i rollerna. Premiär på SVT 2016. Nu filmatiseras Rolf och Cilla Börjlinds deckardebut SPRINGFLODEN för TV med inspelningsstart i Göteborg och Nordkoster. Författarparet är också manusförfattare till TV-serien som sänds [...]

Some reviews of Radu Munteans ONE FLOOR BELOW, competing in Un Certain Regard

Jay Weissberg, Variety: The moral tug-of-war between reporting a homicide and remaining silent lies at the core of Radu Muntean’s lean, absorbing anti-thriller “One Floor Below.” Like a pot set to bubble only every few seconds, the drama is tightly measured to ensure a controlled level of tension that remains discreetly constant, nicely melding with Muntean’s [...]

Some reviews of Magnus von Horn’s Cannes debut THE HERE AFTER

Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter: A chewy blend of Swedish and Polish ingredients, The Here After was never likely to be a fun frolic on a sun-kissed Baltic beach. Offering a non-judgmental, broadly sympathetic, psychological portrait of a Swedish juvenile delinquent living with the crushing guilt of a violent crime, this modestly compelling glumfest premieres today [...]

Powerful line-up for leading co-producer Film Väst presented in Cannes

Film Väst presented the films participating in the 68th Festival de Cannes and the new line-up of international and Swedish co-production for 2015 at their annual press conference in Cannes today. Film Väst's CEO Tomas Eskilsson welcomed everyone to the annual press conference in Cannes. He first presented the four co-produced films participating in this [...]


Dag Hammarskjöld's life becomes epic movie helmed by celebrated director Per Fly. The story of the world-famous statesman will be filmed in co-production with Film Väst. It is a story about a man with a strong vision of a better world in the political upheaval during the Cold War's first decades, directed by multi-award winning [...]

Film Väst to co-produce Vilhelm Moberg’s The Emigrants

Film Väst has announced the adaptation to the screen of Vilhelm Moberg's epic drama THE EMIGRANTS at the annual press conference in Cannes. The film will be directed by world renowned Daniél Espinosa. Vilhelm Moberg's novel The Emigrants from 1949 will be filmed again predominantly in the Film Väst region and directed by Daniél Espinosa, [...]

Produktionsrabatt för svensk film föreslås i ny europeisk rapport

Jonathan Olsberg från strategikonsultfirman Olsberg SPI tillsammans med kulturminister Alice Bah Kuhnke under Film Västs möte i Cannes. Vid ett möte i Cannes idag presenterade Film Väst ett nytt förslag till produktionsrabatt för kulturminister Alice Bah Kuhnke med flera. Produktionsrabatten för filmproduktioner framhålls som ett viktigt självfinansierande komplement till en välkommen statlig filmpolitisk satsning. Film [...]

Child 44’s Daniél Espinosa to direct ’The Emigrants’

Child 44 director Daniél Espinosa is to helm a new adptation of period epic The Emigrants for Scandinavian major Svensk Filindustri. Details of the project were announced at the annual press conference held in Cannes by Swedish regional fund Film Väst. The Emigrants tells the story of Kristina and her husband Karl-Oskar, who emigrate from Sweden to America in [...]


Film i Väst is one of Europe’s most successful co-producers and Scandinavia’s preeminent regional film fund. Over the years Film Väst co-productions have also been richly re­warded with nominations and awards at the world’s most prestigous events including fes­tivals such as Cannes and Berlin and galas such as the Golden Globes, the European Film Awards and the Oscars.

FILM I VÄST – a part of Region Västra Götaland.

Västra Götaland is Sweden’s foremost region for culture. Through dedicated effort and the country’s largest cultural budget, both in absolute terms and per capita, culture has a self-evident role in social life. Culture is a basic precondition for active, committed citizens – involvement contributes to democratic development. Culture can make people grow and is very important for employment, regional development and growth in Västra Götaland.

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